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Troika greece crisis

27 Instead, to become more competitive, Greek wages fell nearly 20 from mid-2010 to 2014, a form of deflation.
79 80 By, numerous businesses were required by law to install a point of sale (POS) device to enable them to accept payment by credit or debit card.
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150 On 13 July, after 17 hours of negotiations, Eurozone leaders reached a provisional agreement on a third bailout programme, substantially the same as their June proposal."Eurogroup meeting Press Conference: Saturday, t 17:15 CET".Significant financial losses for Eurozone countries and the IMF, which are owed the majority of Greece's roughly 300 billion national debt.Bouras, Stelios (July 6, 2015).69 In 2015, estimates indicated that the amount of evaded taxes stored in Swiss banks was around 80 billion euros.Retrieved b c "The Road to the Greek Hell is Paved with False EU and IMF Statistics"."report on the enquiry on the role and operations of the Troika (ECB, Commission and IMF) with regard to the euro area programme countries - A7-0149/2014".In 2010, estimated tax evasion losses for the Greek government amounted to over 20 billion.

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275 The second economic adjustment programme for Greece called for a further labour cost reduction in the private sector of 2014.
Tax revenues for 2014 were 86 billion (about 48 GDP while expenditures were.5 billion (about 50 GDP).
This was the highest for any EU country.
Most notable was a cross currency swap, where billions worth of Greek debts and loans were converted into yen and dollars at a fictitious exchange rate, thus hiding the true extent of Greek loans.A program was launched to provide a subsidy to assist homeless to return to their homes, but many enrollees never received grants.The same poll suggested that Papandreou was the least popular political leader with a 9 approval rating, while 71 of Greeks did not trust him.In a 2013 report, the IMF admitted that it had underestimated the effects of such extensive tax hikes and budget cuts on the country's GDP and issued an informal apology.Archived from the original on Retrieved Brian Rohan (1 February 2012).84 In April, after publication of GDP data which showed an intermittent period of recession starting in 2007, 85 credit rating agencies then downgraded Greek bonds to junk status in late April 2010.Greece, for example, traded away the rights che significa puttana to airport fees and lottery proceeds in years to come.