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Final fantasy 4 troia cave

Located in the forested area on the west side of the map (northwest of Banon you'll need to land your airship in the little non-forested patch adjacent to the town.
The party approaches Troia's Epopts, who agree to let them borrow the Crystal if they can recapture it from the Dark Elf.
Cast Berserk and Haste on Cecil to get him smacking at full speed, as hell inflict a lot of damage with his holy swords, while the rest of your team provides backup.
Ether, 1,000 Gil, a, dry Ether, and a, decoy.Then make your way to the northeast side of the area in general.This is why the weapon and armor stores have such bad equipment - it's stuff you may need if you sold your things off earlier in the game.They will be ecstatic that you've retrieved their Earth Crystal successfully.

This is absolutely vital in the next dungeon.
One of them will give you permission to grab treasures in a storeroom.
Head north from Troia, following the mountain range on your right, until you see a small, semi-conspicuous cluster of trees in the far north.Grab the Earth Crystal after defeating the Dark Elf / Dragon, then make your way back out of the dungeon.Once inside the castle, make haste to the room where the clerics convene, and talk to them.At this point, Edward will feel the pain of the party from Troia and begin to play his spell, distracting the Dark Elf and lowering the magnetic force he controls.This will, of course, be the next leg of our journey.Within the room beyond it are three treasure chests, in which you will find a Hi-Potion, vecchie troie che si masturbano as well as some Spider's Silk and an Hourglass.After Leonora completes her training.Leonora is eventually appointed as the eighth Epopt, but she gives her post up to travel to Mysidia and study to become a Sage, feeling there are more worthy candidates for the position than her.Edit, approximately a month ago, one of the eight Epopts took ill.(That Emergency Exit you just found will.) The Black Chocobo will take you back to Troias side of the river.Instead, take the center staircase, and once in this room, search the jars to find a lone.What makes it so insanely difficult is that you can't go to the Magnetic Cave where the Earth Crystal is being held by the Dark Elf with metal armor or weapons.If your characters are wearing anything metallic, they will be instantly and irreparably paralyzed while in battle.This will trigger an event when you return to the airship, forcing you to visit another dungeon Part Eight: Tower of Zot.