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Alcohol gogol bordello перевод

alcohol gogol bordello перевод

Yet you know I did survive all of your lonely sieges.
Roundhouse, Chalk Farm lissabon troia Rd, London NW1 8EH.
Every time you come, just to thank you one more time.
I *was* been waiting long long time - alcohol.Incomprehensible, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, who is crawling up my spine?Yeah, oh yeah, you seen me fall in love with witches.In love with witches, and you know my *head* is held.

Yeah o yeah you seen me walk.
Now *forever* reunite - alcohol.
Alcohol, alcohol, i am sorry some of us given you bad name.
Every time we break.And you know that I'll pick.Screw a light bulb in my head - alcohol may that ceremony be happy or sad.For everything you've done.Yeah bakeca incontri civitanova marche o yeah I miss you.Now *forever* reunite - alcohol *Now you teach me how to rhyme - alcohol.Every time you call, just to thank you one more time.Nothing is the same.Just to thank you one more time, alcohol.Screw a light bulb in my head - alcohol.Alcohol, and you know that I'll survive.And you know my *head* is held.