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Sighting consists of a single, brass pin up front.
NO complaints, in use its hard to fault the Field Hunter, OK its no competition machine and far from fancy but as a hunter I prefer the no-nonsense approach and the fact its built to take the occasional knock.
The bolt handle is perfect for a target/practical shotgun as it is an extended version on the MP-A, it is 25mm long and 10mm in diameter at its widest part, which is right at the end where you get hold.Still, enough of my woes and lets get down to what the MP-A is all about, it is a semi-automatic gas operated magazine fed 12 gauge shotgun, for the UK market it has a 24 inch barrel to comply with our gun laws.All familiar stuff that combines to make a tough and reliable gun!One thing to note is the function of a small catch on the bottom front right hand side of the action below the loading port.Escort MP TS, escort MPS TS, escort MPA TS escort MP escort MPS escort MPA.Either way the MP-A with the fixed cylinder barrel will work with birdshot or slug.The Field hunter came from the box as a Section 2 Shotgun as the magazine tube has been crimped at factory to reduce the capacity to.Hatsan call it the fast Loading System, its a double bar loading gate design so loading/re-loading is very fast, just the ticket for a practical shotgun where loading is really the key to having any great success.The build shows a flat black finish on the 28 multi-choke barrel and aluminium alloy donne separate porche receiver, along with polymer furniture.It also has four grooves machined around it for added grip.The calibre is 12-bore with a 3 chamber, but I could see no mention or marking of proofed for steel shot, so I assume its not!I will be getting one as a pure target slug shotgun, leaving the Benelli for practical work.

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PRE-packaged TMH, the action is most like the 870 with a pre-packaged trigger mech housing (TMH) that is retained by twin cross pins.
Escort xtreme, escort xtreme-realtree MAX4HD, escort xtreme-realtree aphd, escort missione.
Hatsan call their valving system on the new gun the smart valve piston, it adjusts automatically to what ever size load of powder you are using.
The pistol grip stock has two shotshell holders built into its rear section and it has sling attachments fitted around the magazine extension at the front and on the rear bottom of the stock, to allow the fitting of a tactical sling.As an overall package very impressive and for that matter comprehensive for what is a budget-type gun.The front sight post can also be removed altogether by undoing a 3mm Allen screw and knocking out a 2mm diameter pin.The barrels is maintained in the usual way with a ring on the underside sliding over the mag tube and being retained by a screw-off end cap with anti-rotation detente.A manual trigger safety button is sited behind the trigger.But, I still have the 870 and relish it for its sheer bomb-proof reliability and the fact its not ammo fussy at all.I also measured the internal diameter at the end of the barrel, removing the flash hider it came in.32mm.721 inches.Also includes F, IC and M chokes.This is not such a major disadvantage with practical shotgun but I decided to pattern the gun at 15 yards to see what the gun actually produced.Guess its all those years with an 870!Most pumps go right up to the end cap in this area and I found myself making my operating hand grip too far back.Escort youth pump, escort slug pump, escort slug pump combo.FOR - A tough working pumper, against - No sling swivels.The front post has a 15mm long red coloured fibre optic rod.